Play again

Do you want to play this game again with other players?


  • Your new fellow players have never played the game before
  • You played the role of one of the following characters: Josephine, Brigitte, William or Roy

Make sure that you get Felix's character card when these cards are being distributed. Don't let the other players know that you have this card: it gives you certain inside knowledge that you can use during the game. In this way you get a whole new gaming experience!

Repacking the board game

Do you want to pass the game on? Follow the next steps:

Under the false bottom:

  • Firstly place the killer's mask and instructions UNDER the false bottom of the box. Consequently these are not visible when the box is opened again

On top of the false bottom:

  • Download and print six new suspect profiles and a new killer profile. You can find them here here.
  • Cut out the profiles of both suspects and killer and put these - together with Johnny's welcome speech - in the envelope. Then put this envelope back into the box
  • Place the Memories and Event cards in ascending order and place the two piles in the box.
  • Arrange the Nightmare cards in the correct order. You can do this by using the white card numbers at the bottom of the cards.
  • Place the blindfolds, room tiles and pawn in the box.
  • Place the Preparation card on top.

The game is now ready to be played again...


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